Botanical Extracts EPZ Limited (BEEPZ) is a private limited company primarily involved in the production of artemisinin to fight multi-drug resistant malaria.

We have developed a sustainable supply chain for quality artemisinin and derivatives in East Africa at a price that makes life-saving artemisinin malaria treatments affordable to the people who need them most, we also want to provide a shareholder return that reflects outstanding performance and to adequately reward those who work in our company.

Quick Facts About BEEPZ


Over US$20 Million invested in East Africa

Produced artemisinin for manufacturng of over 22 Million ACTs in 2007

Over 6500 farmers contracted

Planted over 3400 hectares on Artemisia annua

US$1.7 Million in income to farmers in 2006

165 full-time staff

30 years accumulated experience in artemisinin production.

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