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‘Patient’ Capital for an Africa That Can’t Wait



Published: April 20, 2007 New York Times


Last week, I was touring northern Tanzania when our car passed the small town of Karatu and we suddenly came upon an open field splashed with colors so bright and varied it looked from afar as if someone had painted a 30-color rainbow on the landscape. As we got closer, I discovered that it was Karatu's huge clothing market. Merchants had laid out blankets piled with multicolored shirts, pants and dresses, much of it used

clothing from Europe, and were hawking their goods.


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03.06.2008    Kenya Industrialisation minister, EPZ trip uncovers woes of investors and workers  “The aim of my ministry is to steer our investors into seizing control of the value chain, right from raw material to finished products,” the minister said after touring Botanical Extracts EPZ Ltd - a firm which extracts and exports artemisinin, a malaria drug raw material.

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04.06.2008    Kenya: Growing resistance in East Africa Article Published in In-Depth: Killer Number One: The fight against malaria


18.04.2008    DEG awards credit to manufacturers of malaria drugs in Kenya Published in EPO Newsletter                                 >>Read

2008             Issue 1 Wormword against Malaria Published in DEG Horizons Issue 1 2008


16.07.2007    Killer Number One: The fight against malaria Published in IRIN In-Depth

20.06.2007    Pregnant HIV patients need extra antimalarials Published in Science and Development Network

20.04.2007    Patient’ Capital for an Africa That Can’t Wait Article Published in New York Times By Thomas L. Friedman April 20, 2007

01.09.2005 Artemisia in Africa Based on Article Published in New Agriculturist On-Line by Naftali Kure

07.01.2005    The new leaf that promises to change lives Article Published in Financial Times By Andrew England