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The objective of BEEPZ is to participate in the production of a new generation of low cost, efficient Anti malarial

drugs needed in Africa and throughout the world.

The product, based on a herbal extract, is grown and processed locally in East Africa according to international quality standards and shipped to global producers for further processing. BEEPZ is part of a world-wide move to combat Malaria, sponsored by the WHO and the Global Fund.

This way the BEEPZ operation, the first of its kind in Africa at present, is part of a global campaign to contain the world disease no 1 while providing income and livelihood to many people in East Africa with promising perspectives for the future due to its potential for extension and diversification.


Dr. Gunter Feddern - Director Advanced Bio-Extracts Ltd



Botanical Extracts EPZ Limited (BEEPZ), with four production subsidiaries in East Africa


Location: East Africa


Raw material supply in select areas of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Core processing facility in the export processing zone in Athi River, Kenya

Satellite processing facility in Kabale, Uganda


BEEPZ is a private limited liability company. Our primary business is the production of artemisinin and artemisinin-derivatives in East Africa to fight drug-resistant malaria. BEEPZ was created to develop a sustainable supply chain for quality artemisinin and artemisinin-derivatives at a price that makes life-saving artemisinin based malaria treatments affordable to the people who need them most. We also aim to provide a return to shareholders that reflects outstanding performance and adequately rewards those who work in our company.

BEEPZ has invested more than nine years in the development of artemisinin production in East Africa. Although relatively small, we have developed one of the strongest technical bases for the production of artemisinin outside of the traditional producers in China and Vietnam. We produce artemisinin for the only pharmaceutical company currently able to supply life-saving artemisinin-based malaria treatments to the WHO and Global Fund. We are proud to stay that the bulk of our production goes to provision of artemisinin-based malaria treatments sold at cost to the poor in malaria endemic countries (mostly in Africa).


BEEPZ is the only significant producer of artemisinin on the African continent:


US$20 million is being invested in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

165 full-time staff are currently employed

BEEPZ produced artemisinin for manufacture of over 22 Million artemisinin-based malaria treatments in 2007

BEEPZ has contracted over 6,500 farmers, primarily smallholders, for raw material production


Through direct investment in Africa, BEEPZ is making a significant contribution to the provision of effective, low-cost malaria treatments where they are needed most.



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