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Oct 2007                 News and Broadcast IFC: Innovating, Creating Opportunity

                                 Producing High-Quality Raw Material for Malaria Medicine in Africa

                                 Published in IFC News                                                                                >>Read


16.07.2007               Killer Number One: The fight against malaria

                                 Artemisinin: the new drug that cannot afford to fail. Published in IRIN In-Depth


01.09.2005               Artemisia in Africa

                                 In 2004, the World Health Organisation (WHO) adopted Coartem, an artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT), as the recommended first-line treatment for malaria in Africa but research on a drug based on the whole leaf of A. annua may provide an alternative solution... Based on Article Published in New Agriculturist On-Line by Naftali Kure


07.01.2005               The new leaf that promises to change lives

                                 Article Published in Financial Times By Andrew England



                                  WHO Africa's Working Tanzania: Planting the seeds of malaria control